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By | March 22, 2021

Hi friends in this post we will discuss about MDU university books. Whenever you takes admission in MDU university the next step both regular and distance mode it is very important to know whats books of MDU university to have to read . If you takes admission in MDU university distance mode MDU provides you the study materials like books etc. The books fees in MDU is included in admission fees . MDU university released timely notice for collecting books form the center . For undergraduate course like BA. Bcom etc books are available in nearby center . The postgraduate courses like MA , Mcom etc books are available in MDU university .Students have to collect books for post graduate courses directly from MDU campus located in Rohtak.


Some Main DDE Courses offered by MDU university Rohtak

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Commerce

Master of Arts in :Hindi, English,Sanskrit, Political Science, Public Administration,Economics

Master of Science(Mathematics)

Master of Commerce

MDU University Books 2020  details


Bachelor of Art First year
Political Science
Public Administration
Military Science
गद्य शिखर
काव्य शिखर
B.A. I, Vector Analysis and Geometry
B.A. I, Algebra & Trigonometry (Whole Book)
B.A. I,Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations
B.A. I, Chronicles of Times
B.A. I,Ideas Anglow
B.A. I,Remedial Grammar
Pointed Vision
,History of World Military
 Lok Parsasan Ka Tatve
 (Option-I) Bharat ka Itehasa
Bharat ka Itihaas (Prachin kaal -1526)

Bachelor of Art Second  year

अभिनव _काव्य
अंधेर नगरी
अभिनव गद्य गरिमा
जहाज का पंछी
हिंदी साहित्य का इतिहास

B.A. II Snapshots (CRC)

B.A.II English Grammar, Composition and Translation
B.A.II English Paper based on Mahabharata

BA-II Soun and stillness 31-12-10

B.A.II Mahabharata


B.A.II Final Whole book – BA II (Advanced Calculus)

B.A.II Mechanics

B.A.II Final whole book_BA – II_Differential Equations and Calculus of Variations


BA-II, Study of War

BA-II Bharat ka Itehas

Bachelor of Commerce First   Year

Business Communication
Business Economics
Business Management
Business Mathematics
Financial Accounting
Basics of Computer
Bachelor of Commerce Second  Year
Business Regulatory Framework
Business Statistics
Company Law and Auditing
Corporate Accounting
Human Resource Management
Principles of Marketing
Bachelor of Commerce Final  Year
Advertisement  & Sales Management
Business Environment
Cost Accounting
International Marketing
Management Accounting and Financial Management
Income Tax
Master of Art in Political Science Previous Year 
Indian Govt & Politics
International Politics
Public Administration
Research Methodology
Western Political Thoughts
Master of Art in Political Science Final  Year 
Comparative Politics & Political Analysis
Com temporary Political Thought and Theory
Diplomacy–Theory and Practice
Foreign Policy of India
International Law
Master of Art in Economics First Year 
Economics of Growth and Development (P)
Macro Economics Analysis (P)
Micro Economics Analysis (P)
Master of Art in Economics First Year 
Agricultural Economics (F)
Indian Economy Policy (F)
International Trade and Finance (F)
Managerial Economics (F)
Public Economics (F)
Master of Art in English First Year
Literature in English (1550-1660)
Literature in English(1660-1798)
Literature in English(1798–1914)
Literature in English(1914 to present)
Master of Art in English Final Year
American Literature
Critical Theory
Indian Writing in English
Linguistics and Stylistics
Literature and Gender


Master of Art in HIndi First Year
आधुनिक गद्य साहित्य
आधुनिक गद्य साहित्य भाग क
आधुनिक हिंदी कविता भाग क
आधुनिक हिंदी कविता भाग ख
भाषा विज्ञानं अवं हिंदी भाषा
हिंदी साहित्य का इतिहास
विशेष रचनाकार (कबीर दस )
Master of Art in Hindi Final Year
भारतीय साहित्य
हिंदी नाटक और रंग मंच भाग क
हिंदी नाटक और रंग मंच भाग ख
काव्य सशत्र और साहित्य लोचन
प्राचीन अवं मध्य कालीन काव्य भाग क
प्राचीन अवं मध्य कालीन काव्य भाग ख
प्रोयोझां मोलक
Master of Art in History First Year
Ancient Societies
History of Haryana
Medieval Societies
Modern World
State in India
Master of Art in History Final Year
Ancient India
Ancient Indian Society and Culture
Economy of India 1200AD–1757 AD
Economy of India (1757 to 1947)
GRP B_Historiography, Concept Methods and Tools
History of India 320–1200AD
History of India 1200–1526
History of India 1526–1757
History of India (1757–1950)
Indian Economy up to 1200 AD
National Movement 1885–1947
Society and Cultural of India (1757 to 1947)
Sociology  Cultural History of India 1200 to 1757
Master of Art in Public Administration First Year 
Administrative Theory and Thoughts
Comparative Public Administration
Indian Administration
Lab our Welfare Administration
Master of Art in Public Administration Final  Year 
Development Administration
Financial Administration
Human Resource Management
Research Methods

Master of Art in Sanskrit First Year 

वैदिक साहित्य
संस्कृत व्याकरण
भारतीय दर्शन
लौकिक संस्कृत
भाषा विज्ञानं
Master of Art in Sanskrit Final Year 
संस्कृति और धर्मशास्त्र
गद्य एवं पद्य साहित्य
नाटक एवं नाट्य शास्त्र
काव्य शास्त्र
आधुनिक संस्कृत साहित्य
संहिता साहित्य
ब्राह्मण साहित्य
सूत्र साहित्य
वैदिक साहित्य का इतिहास एवं वैदिक अध्यन
Master of Art in Geography First Year 
Geo morphology
Climatology & Biography
Resource Geography
Population Geography
Master of Art in Geography Final Year 
Modern Geographical Thought
Research Methods and Quantitative Techniques in Geography
Agriculture Geography
Political Geography
Environmental Geography
Geography of Tourism
Social Geography
Rural Geography
Regional Development and Planning
National Hazards and Disaster Management
Master of art and Master of science Mathematics first year 
Advanced Abstract Algebra
Real Analysis
Programming in C
Differential Equations
Master of art and Master of science Mathematics final year 
Int. Theory and function  Analysis Partial Differential Equations
Complex Analysis
Advances Discrete Mathematics
Analytical Number Theory
Mechanics of Solids
Fluid Dynamics
Master of Commerce First Year
Master of Commerce Final Year

Now I think all doubt about MDU university books  is cleared . If you have any suggestion or query then please write us on the comment box showing in the bottom of this page . For getting update about MDU university  keep in touch with us and bookmarks all the page you needs .Have a nice day.

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