How to Pass MDU Exam

By | March 25, 2021

How to Pass MDU Exam

Hi welcome in this important post on how to pass MDU exam . If you are a MDU student are pursing any course from MDU university Rohtak so it is a very important topic for you . If a student has made 1 or 2 attempt for clear or pass MDU exam but could not pass in his or her exam then  by reading this post he / she can pass MDU exam easily. You know in MDU exams the answer sheet checking process is very strict so that a lot of students do not get pass in examination conducted by MDU university Rohtak. Every year MDU University conduct the biggest exam process in Haryana .

how to pass mdu exam

A lot of students are passed every year in their Under graduate course like B.A. etc. and Post graduate course like MA, , but all are not attempt their answer sheet well and they gets fail result . First of all one thing you should know that i will tell you my opinion . Yes i will tell you according to me what is the best way to write MDU exam . So o think now you can understand the entire main things i think now we should start our topic how to pass MDU exam .

Carry Your all Exam accessories

When you go to appear in MDU examination you have to carry all of your accessories like calculator , Pen , Pencil , Divider etc. If you does not carry them you have to borrow from your friends many times for taking these a lot of times spends and least time left for you to attempting paper.

Write Clean and Clear writing in MDU Paper

It is very necessary to write clean and clear in MDU Rohtak exams because if you write unclear then the checker confuse in paper checking and it may cut your some marks for right question also. So keep this thing clear that you have to improve your writing skills for gets pass in MDU exam.

Make Proper Heading and Title

When you attempting any question paper in MDU then you should use proper heading and title for every answer and paragraph . Proper heading gets your checker attention and the chance of number cutting is decrease .

Write only necessary lines 

when you are attempting the MDU exam then you should not use necessary line to make the answer long . Some candidates use this methods to show that the answer is long. It is not a good manner to attempting a question paper if it is in MDU exam or any other board , university exams.

Do not leave more Blank space between the answers

When you are attempting MDU exam do not leave more space between the questions or answers because it looks that student want to show big answer so please do not leave more spacing between the lines and the paragraphs.

Do not write any other words like prayer , request etc.

Some students are used some trick to gets pass in MDU exams like they write sir please pass me etc. Do not use these lines in answers or any other place in answer sheet.

Make Proper Graphs and Diagrams 

We should draw graphs and make diagrams . Make Proper Graphs and Diagrams make your answer sheet more unique and attractive it may get more number besides simple answer and also use pencil and scale to make diagrams and graphs .

Main thing is Hard Work

The other and last point is hard work . For gets more marks and pass with top numbers hard work is a main method . If you do not hard work any other trick can not use to pass exam . So preparation 3 or 4 months before the examination . Use best books and notes .


Now I think all doubt about MDU university exam passed trick is cleared . If you have any suggestion or query then please write us on the comment box showing in the bottom of this page . For getting update about MDU university exams keep in touch with us and bookmarks all the page you needs .Have a nice day.

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